What is work ?

I am often amazed watching people at their workplace. Most common, you would agree, is to see people with their heads almost buried inside computer screens in front of them. Unless they are computer programmers (who we can ignore for this discussion), they are emailing or browsing the internet and sometimes (rarely in my view) reading a work related document on their screens. From what I have observed, it is mostly email that occupies their time and they are either creating, replying or forwarding emails. Which means people are spending most of their time communicating and unless their job description
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The Inner Scorecard

I have been thinking about this subject for a while and when I decided to write something about it I googled the term. I should not be surprised that there were a number of pages on this not the least of which are from business giants like Warren Buffet ! You would obviously realize that the term is in no way original but perhaps what I have to say may be relevant to average people like myself, particularly those who have regular jobs or run their own businesses. The objective of sharing these thoughts is by no means to lecture
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