What has Uber given us?

It's all about a bit of convenience for those who can afford it The buzz-word "uberization" is supposed to be driving the business world today with the entire world hunting for the next industry ripe for Uber-type disruption. And why not? Without any doubt, Uber has created huge wealth for its founders and investors and employs some really smart people.…

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Never stop learning!

No matter what you have achieved in life, the day you stop learning more, you might as well be dead If you have accomplished a lot in your life - in your career or otherwise - you may feel the pressure of becoming someone who is expected to have all the answers - about everything. Many of us fall into…

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Think…if you want to make real money

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossibleAlbert Eistein Someone recently asked me if I make any money ! It was a strange question which left me searching for an answer. How does one make money, I wondered. If the question was about me getting paid to meet my expenses then I do get it and the response…

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