Business Strategy for a Retail chain

Openminds Consulting (OMC) was approached by one of the largest Retail brands in Pakistan to develop a business strategy for the business. OMC worked closely with the management team to drive solutions for products to focus, which lines to exit, stores profitability, product line design and creation, information technology and Ecommerce solutions were amongst other recommendations made by OMC.

Major problem solved was to help the brand think about differentiating itself from the market and how best to combine its traditional strengths with the latest fashion and customer demand.

A 5-year plan with detailed functional Key Performance Indicators together with cashflow requirements was rolled out.

Business Strategy for an online education business

Openminds Consulting worked with the management of a medium sized online education business to enhance revenues and client base. The client was advised in market segmentation, content creation and business development. B to B strategies were developed and are being implemented by the client.

Governance set up for a large family business

Openminds Consulting was asked by a large family business to assist with organizing its governance structure to ensure business growth and sustainability. We developed a road map for improving the business structure – including creating a board of directors (manned by individuals of the highest quality), setting up and working through board committees, meeting governance requirements prescribed by code of corporate governance and enhancing value by ensuring business stays focused on its mission.

The implemented corporate governance structure relieved the business owners from family issues, provided management structure and organization depth to sustain the business. The business has also been prepared to seek external financing via IPO or private placement of shares.

Information technology and distribution strategy for an electric utility

Openminds Consuting was hired by a large electric utility company to assist with a large smart grid and automation project. The work also entailed developing and supporting the distribution strategy for the business. Automation was required to replace the archaic manual methods which the utility operated with at the time. OMC worked with project consultants, information technology team and the business team to develop and implement digital solutions to various problems.

Creation of a non-profit organization

A large group of businesses engaged Openminds Consulting to develop a structure for their charitable work. OMC conceived the idea and created a non-profit organization which would obtain funding from the business group as well as outside sources. Working primarily within healthcare and education, the NPO will also seek collaboration with other NPOs, governments and international funds for their programs.

Go to Market Strategy for a cloud computing platform

Openminds Consulting worked with one of the largest cloud services platforms to develop its business in Pakistan. OMC worked with the client to create go to market strategies and implement the same together with the client regional management.

Business Development for a Cyber Security firm

Openminds Consulting introduced a cyber security ratings company to Pakistan. With this service, clients can track their IT security performance and compare their own ratings with other industry players within their own national markets as well as in the region and globally. This service is useful for governments as well as private sector organizations.