Home sweet home

As the world changes, it pivots and zooms into our homes, which now play a much bigger role in our lives. It would be unwise to predict what will happen to our world as a result of this pandemic. As scientists scramble to find a vaccine in the shortest possible time, many are trying to control the spread of the…

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Getting back to profitability

Is it time to talk about making returns? As various changes brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic become the new normal, I am going to hazard a guess about business owners, which is that for the last few months most have not thought much about making returns on investments. Their focus has been on survival – and who can…

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Beating a pandemic

What have we gained and lost through the Covid-19 experience? So, we have decided to come out – out of the coronavirus, that is.  We have declared victory over the dreaded disease by determining that cases have dropped to a negligible level, a declaration made with testing at minimal levels, mind you. As we pump our fists and beat our…

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