We examine why organizations exist, their overall direction and business strategy, and analyses what they are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world.

We are customer driven in our own business and emphasize it as the only way that organizations can grow and prosper. Understanding the market and customers are therefore one of the core areas for our strategic interventions.


Growth, Marketing and Sales

OMC helps its clients achieve profitable growth by taking deep dives into understanding the market and the consumer. Our clients have grown businesses which had been suffering from low growth and declining revenues. We are customer driven in our own work and emphasize it as the only way that organizations can grow and prosper.



Most businesses succeed and fail in the boardroom. We work with boards to make sure there is synergy between the management team and the board itself, in turn ensuring that the entire process of governance remains well-balanced.OMC supports its clients in developing governance structures and creating the required systems and processes


Digital Transformation

C-suite leadership today must oversee digital transformation. Our IT consulting services support top management in this journey and ensure that change-management requirements are addressed properly.

We seek opportunities to optimize value by linking businesses processes and ensuring optimisation amongst them. We help automate the business in a way that sets it up for value enhancing transformation.


Strategic HR

We look at the organization structure and how it needs to evolve with the changing business strategies. We work with top management as well as families to develop family, ownership and management structures. In addition, we help create succession plans for key positions and ensure the organization maintains a good balance of experience and youth.



We assist companies in transforming their cost base to eliminate inefficient spending and redirect expenses to areas which provide growth and profitability.

We help set up data analytics as one of the main drivers of success by ensuring that decisions at all operating levels are taken on the basis of evidence.



We work with non-profit organizations, trusts, societies, or section 42 companies to develop their vision, mission, purpose, as well as a long-term strategy. In our view, non-profit organizations have the potential to create maximum social impact and should thus be managed with the same standards as commercial organizations


Start-up Advisory

We look at startups with potential from a bird's eye view and talk about how certain aspects can be improved to encourage future growth. We strongly encourage entrepreneurs and guide them through the right processes to create a sustainable business strategy.