This website is not about me, it is about you. You the entrepreneur, the business person, the corporate executive, the non profit, the start-up – anyone and everyone striving for success and to make an impact on society.  I will share my ideas on various aspects of managing businesses as I believe entrepreneurs, managers and executives have a leading role to play in changing cultures . Whether you are a seasoned corporate executive with years of experience or a start-up just getting going with your venture or a young employee or a student, OpenMinds will provide you a fresh perspective, help you reflect on your strategic and day to day issues and explore innovative ideas.

I will try to remain as industry agnostic as possible so that there is collective gain for everyone. Of course time to time I will discuss specific industry issues where I feel there is cross learning. I have no interest in discussing daily news or current affairs and the political landscape. I operate a management consulting firm and this website and blog will be restricted to content within the management field.

Over the last 30 years, I have  created successful strategies for large corporates,  changed business models and organization cultures and structures, invested in talent pipelines and brought new thinking to traditional businesses. I have been a member of public companies as well as non-profit boards where I  helped plan and implement appropriate strategies and governance structures. I have initiated information technology / digital transformations in large and complex operations setting them up for successful innovation.

My  experience has shown me that the need for management teams in all organisations to seek good advice is paramount. In keeping with the name of my  organization, OpenMinds offers you the opportunity to engage with someone  who has spent a lifetime in managing organisations in diverse industries. If you approach me for a consulting assignment, I promise you to listen and try to understand your business issues. We will only move to consulting if we both see value in engaging to improve your business.

I  understand that learning is not a one way process. Therefore, I am setting up a blog to include my posts and articles. I am looking forward to engaging with you and hope we can learn and develop ourselves into better leaders and managers.