With the industry being cyclical in nature, investing and operating petrochemical plants is all about timing. OMC helps large scale operators to understand how to time it right and where to position in the wider value chain.

We understand that large capital outlays are involved in this sector and our expertise lies in helping clients look through the most relevant lens

petro chemical

Chemicals and paints

These B2B2C markets have a variety of routes to go to market and decisions around product positioning and distribution channels are fundamental to business success. OMC studies and recommends the most effective go-to-market strategy.

Which provides the best chances of success. With manufacturing spread across the globe, optimising product sourcing and logistics is another key advisory area.



The jury is still out on whether distributing electricity is a public service or is there a private sector business model which has been successful – especially in the developing world. OMC has worked wih utilizes to try and bring automation and organizational change to discover a sustainable model.

For anyone considering to participate in the evolving landscape of consumer-facing utility sector, OMC takes deep dives into revenue generation and optimising customer service levels.


Food & restaurants

One of the largest markets in Pakistan is dominated by the unorganized sector. OMC has supported clients to identify and focus on business models that can compete with and win in this environment.

The questions pertaining to scaling up need considerable work and we help clients think through which segments and customers may be served profitably.

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Health & Fitness

The fast-growing demand for a healthy lifestyle brim with opportunities across all segments of the population. OMC has helped launch an exciting new line of fitness studios in Pakistan.

With Pakistan's young population and trends of urbanisation, this promises to be one of the most exciting sectors in near future.

Healthy lifestyle concept, clean food good health dietary in heart dish with sporty gym aerobic body exercise workout training class equipment, weight scale and sports shoes in fitness center


There is a large unmet need for providing school and college education through which citizens can achieve a decent quality of living. OMC has worked with industry players to find potential solutions via the use of education technology.

The sector suffers from a lack of access as well as poor quality of education. With such a huge impact on the future, OMC helps clients understand how to assess the potential to create value for all stakeholders.



Pakistan’s export of textiles has been stagnant or declining over the last few years. Fundamental issues with our approach need to be addressed. OMC has supported clients in breaking free of conventional thinking to address the global markets in different ways.

Pakistan's exports have largely been dependent on government subsidies and traditional ways of approaching customers. OMC understands and shares knowledge of new customer expectations and the drivers of global markets.



From conceptualizing the mission to fundraising, non-profits are in the battle of survival in more ways than can be imagined. OMC has supported them in creating proper structures, onboarding boards and top management and setting up processes to improve the visibility and credibility of these organizations.

We work with non-profit organizations, trusts, societies, or section 42 companies to develop their vision, mission, purpose, as well as a long-term strategy. In our view, non-profit organizations have the potential to create maximum social impact and should thus be managed with the same standards as commercial organizations.