Over the last 30 years, I have worked across many diverse sectors in top management positions as well as operational and functional roles where I have overseen complex operational execution. I will bring all that experience to play for my clients who are open to change to meet the requirements of dynamic and ever evolving markets. 

More specifically, I will work with you to improve the following;


I examine why organisations exist, what is their overall direction, analyse what they are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world. I will work with you to ensure that your strategy is optimised for long term value creation. I will assess if everything in your organisation in sync with your strategy and will help you execute. In addition, C suite leadership today must oversee digital transformation and having automated various complex processes myself, I support top management in this journey in their respective organisations.


I am a strong believer in the fact that businesses win and loose in the board room. From appointment of top management to oversight of various critical functions, the board has an important role to play apart from meeting regulatory requirements. I have been part of boards and have observed how things can go wrong when boards and management teams do not work in sync. I work as an advisor to boards to make sure the entire process of governance remains well managed.

Customer Focus

I will assess your current business model and see how you are serving your customers. My experience has shown me that the only way to be sustainable over the long term is to serve your customers in the best ways possible. I will support you to set up internal processes which are responsive to customer needs and ensure that you have internal capabilities to deliver the best customer interactions.

Business Development

I will help you generate sales revenues growth by streamlining your sales operations, ensuring your customer needs and buying patterns are aligned with your sales efforts and recommend technology solutions, where possible, to obtain maximum value from your sales team.

Cost Optimisation

I will assist you in transforming your cost base to ensure that you eliminate ineffective and non essential spending and redirect your expense to areas which provide growth and profitability. I will assess and recommend areas where you can drive down costs while improving efficiency at the same time.


Operations in any environment-from supply chain to manufacturing to sales-is no longer a simple game of numbers where you can easily enhance productivity by increasing manpower or other resources. I will work with your team to optimise your operational delivery by identifying areas to focus upon, reducing complexity and optimising delivery. I will also recommend technologies which ought to be embraced to enhance efficiencies.

Speaking Engagements

Based on specific client requests, I will undertake speaking assignments in which I present my ideas around diverse management areas such as leadership, winning cultures, strategy, digital transformation, boards and governance, developing and retaining employees etc. I am happy to address company or business audiences or public events but always try to meet the organizer’s objectives for the audience. Therefore, clients are requested to give me a decent (at least a month) heads up for their event.