What is work ?

I am often amazed watching people at their workplace. Most common, you would agree, is to see people with their heads almost buried inside computer screens in front of them. Unless they are computer programmers (who we can ignore for this discussion), they are emailing or browsing the internet and sometimes (rarely in my view) reading a work related document…

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Why most board rooms at Pakistan Inc. are nothing more than a hoax

Why boards matter, and what can investors, companies, and the government do to fix them? In my career in the corporate sector and now as a strategy consultant I have often seen corporate boards of listed companies fail to do the right thing for the company, its customers, employees, and its wider stakeholders. I am of the firm opinion that…

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“No, I don’t see myself in your seat in 5 years time”

Why the lustre of corporate life has waned and is it a good thing? Growing up in the 70s, whenever we were asked what we would like to do as an adult, the very obvious response would be to become an engineer or doctor or the more academically challenged ones like me would limit our aspirations to working for a…

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