Building Organisational Capability

Only a handful of businesses focus on human capability as a source of competitive advantage   In the fast-paced world of business, the ability to adapt, grow, and thrive is crucial. Any organization looking to do all of this needs its human capital to possess some unique skill or competence which will help differentiate it […]

Is the modern professional too busy to exercise?

The benefits of being physically active can be a boon to society and to individuals; so why do we not make more time for it? A friend of mine, who is several years younger, went for a regular medical check-up recently. He was told that he had blockages in two of his arteries and was […]

Why can’t we compete in global markets?

More than anything else, our main disadvantage is incompatible and poor management skills Why are Pakistani businesses unable to compete in the global markets? What is it that inhibits them from breaking through overseas? As our exports continue to decline, the commonly heard responses to these questions from the private sector are lack of government […]

The meaning of culture

Can developing admirable cultures be an opportunity for our organizations? “I came to see during my time at IBM that culture is not just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.” These are strong words expressed by […]

“No, I don’t see myself in your seat in 5 years time”

Why the lustre of corporate life has waned and is it a good thing? Growing up in the 70s, whenever we were asked what we would like to do as an adult, the very obvious response would be to become an engineer or doctor or the more academically challenged ones like me would limit our […]

The utilities must transform

Raising prices and privatising ownership is not enough to create a more efficient energy supply chain; the utilities have to rethink how they approach their way of doing business entirely If you live in Pakistan and have recently received your gas bill, I bet you are fuming (pun intended). Gas consumers have received their latest […]

Understanding Life..

Some treasures from my sister’s brave soul Self-help literature places a lot of emphasis on ‘finding your purpose’. The coronavirus pandemic recently snatched away my elder sister who was very dear and close to me. The tragedy leaves me looking at life through a very different lens. As I re-visit what Samina Saad stood for, […]

Think…if you want to make real money

Someone recently asked me if I make any money ! It was a strange question which left me searching for an answer. How does one make money, I wondered. If the question was about me getting paid to meet my expenses then I do get it and the response would be straightforward. But surely, that […]