Pakistan’s hordes of unskilled IT labourers

Most of Pakistan’s IT exports are based on low-value IT related services. Investment in the right education can change that Why do all good things or potentially great things stray invariably towards mediocrity in the land of the pure? A lot is being made of the great potential for IT-related exports from Pakistan. It is […]

The Customer Service way towards success

Transforming the Customer Service Culture in your organisation is the surest way to increase revenues & profitability   Have you ever walked into a retail store and stood around looking for something but no one approached you and asked if you could be helped? Or you have experienced being put on hold for an eternity […]

Building Organisational Capability

Only a handful of businesses focus on human capability as a source of competitive advantage   In the fast-paced world of business, the ability to adapt, grow, and thrive is crucial. Any organization looking to do all of this needs its human capital to possess some unique skill or competence which will help differentiate it […]

“No, I don’t see myself in your seat in 5 years time”

Why the lustre of corporate life has waned and is it a good thing? Growing up in the 70s, whenever we were asked what we would like to do as an adult, the very obvious response would be to become an engineer or doctor or the more academically challenged ones like me would limit our […]